Frequently Asked Questions

Foree Remittance Product Overview

Foree Remittance is the fast and easy way for the Canadians to send funds to their loved ones in Pakistan. With an exclusive partnership with National Bank of Pakistan, Foree Remittance offers the best FX rates and uses Interac e-Transfer® to provide near instant transfers to Pakistan. All payouts to beneficiaries are made through National Bank of Pakistan ensuring the safe delivery of funds to 35+ banks in Pakistan.

We do not charge any fees to send the Canadian equivalent of USD $100 to Pakistan. There are no hidden fees and only charge a fee when sending less than the Canadian equivalent of USD $100. Transfer Fees:
  • CAD $0 on transactions equal to or above USD $100 (CAD equivalent)
  • CAD $5 flat fee on transactions below USD $100 (CAD equivalent)
* CAD equivalency calculated based on average monthly rate issued by National Bank of Pakistan  Interac e-Transfer Fees:
  • CAD $0 on Interac e-Transfer to fund your transactions on Foree Remittance app
Cancellation Fees: 
  • CAD $5 charged on transaction cancellations
For transactions equal to or above USD $100 (CAD equivalent), fee is deducted from the refund amount
For transactions below USD $100 (CAD equivalent), amount refunded less the originally charged CAD $5 fee

You can sign-up on the Foree Remittance in the following easy steps:

  1. Create an account by providing your email address, setting up a username & password
  2. Verify your email by entering the verification code emailed to you
  3. Provide a few details about yourself so we know who you are 
  4. Provide a few pieces of information required by National Bank of Pakistan to process your remittance 

You’re done setting up your Foree Remittance account!

Sending money is simple & easy with Foree Remittance!

  1. Click on ‘Send Money’ which will present the transaction details screen
  2. Select an existing contact you wish to transfer funds to or add a new contact
  3. Enter the amount you wish to send (amount can be entered in either CAD or PKR)
  4. Click ‘Next’ and select the ‘Transaction Purpose’ from the drop down
  5. Click ‘Next’ to review your transaction details and make sure all looks good
  6. On the final screen, click on ‘Complete Transaction with Interac e-Transfer’
  7. You will be presented with the Interac e-Transfer request screen in a new pop-up window
  8. Select your bank and fulfill the Interac e-Transfer request to complete the transaction

Yes, currently there is a daily transaction limit of CAD $999.99.

  • Either click on the Contacts option on the left menu or the drop down on the ‘Send Money’ screen to add a new contact. 
  • Provide contact details so we can process your transaction and deliver funds to them
  • Select how you would like to send the funds to them:
    • Bank Account or Digital Wallet: Select the Institution from the drop down and provide the account number 
    • Cash Pick-up: Account number not required, however, be sure to provide the transaction reference number starting with “NPXXXXXXXXXXXX” to your beneficiary for pick-up from any of the 1500+ National Bank of Pakistan bank branches
  • Click ‘Next’ to finish adding the Contact

Paying Using Interac e-Transfer

Foree Remittance enables faster cash-ins to fund your transactions through Interac e-Transfer without additional fees. This enables us to receive your funds fast so we can process and send them to your beneficiary fast!

When you finish creating a transaction you will be presented with a screen to complete the transaction through the Interac e-Transfer.

Interac e-Transfer requests expire 24 hours from when they are generated. Before the Interac e-Transfer request expires, you can come back to the Foree Remittance application, select the transaction you wish to fulfill the Interac e-Transfer request for and click on “Complete Transaction” to do so.

After fulfilling the Interac e-Transfer request, no further action is required by you. Once we receive the funds, we will immediately process the transaction to the beneficiary.

It typically takes a few minutes or even seconds for your funds to be received once the Interac e-Transfer request is completed. However, in rare cases the funds can be delayed due to various technical and operational reasons. 

The Interac e-Transfer request will expire 24 hours after it is generated which will cause the transaction to stay in the “Pending” status until it is “Declined” due to Interac e-Transfer request not being fulfilled.

This is a rare scenario which will be investigated with our partner bank and Interac for resolution.

Tracking Transactions

Simply click on the ‘Transactions’ from the left navigation menu and all the transactions you have created will be displayed. Each transaction will also display the status. You can click on the individual transaction to view further details.

  • Pending – Transaction is awaiting the confirmation of Interac e-Transfer 
  • In-Progress – Transaction is being processed by Foree Remittance app 
  • Ready For Pickup – Cash transaction is ready for pick-up by the beneficiary
  • Complete – Transaction has been credited to the Contact
  • Declined – Transaction has been declined and cannot be completed 
  • Canceled – Transaction has been canceled

Managing Contacts

At present, an existing contact cannot be edited. However, you can delete the contact and re-add them with updated details.

You can add two variations of the same contact with different payment modes such as Account Transfer and Cash.

Account Management

You can click on your name at the bottom of the left navigation menu and access the ‘Change Password’ option.

You can access the ‘Close My Account’ option by clicking on your name on the bottom of the left menu. Closing your Foree Remittance account will permanently revoke access to your account and this action cannot be undone. As a regulated financial entity, we are required by law to maintain some personal data associated with your transactions.

Cancellations & Reversals

Account transfers are instant therefore they cannot be canceled, however, if you created a payment and haven’t paid by fulfilling the Interac e-Transfer yet, you can let it expire which will result in the transaction being ‘Declined’.

For Cash Pickups, if you have already fulfilled the Interac e-Transfer request – you can cancel the transaction until the status shows ‘Ready For Pickup’ which means the Contact has not yet collected the funds from NBP.

If the transaction is declined due to a customer mistake on the transaction details, the funds less any applicable fees and exchange rate difference, will be reversed back to them through the Interac e-Transfer.

If the transaction is declined due to a technical, operational or any other non-customer related issue then the total amount will be reversed back to through the Interac e-Transfer.

Once the transaction is canceled or declined, it can take up to 30 business days for the funds to be reversed back to the customer.

Depending on the scenario, the fund reversals may be subjected to any applicable fees and exchange rate difference.

You will receive the funds back using the same email address that you signed-up with through the Interac e-Transfer.

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